Following are a few of our major clients:

  1. Irrigation & CAD Department of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
  2. Roads & Building Department of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
  3. K. Sudarshan Reddy & KVL Construction Company Pvt. Ltd., Warangal
  4. Sri Vijetha Constructions, Hyderabad
  5. Hindustan Construction Company Limited.
  6. Coastal Projects Limited, Hyderabad
  7. Rithwik Projects Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
  8. AKR Construtions Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
  9. Gayatri Projects Limited, Hyderabad
  10. Ratna Infrastructures Pvt., Ltd.
  11. Dakshin Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
  12. Harvins Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
  13. Alfapropinfra Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
  14. Mega Engineering & Infrastructures Limited.
  15. SEW Infra Limited.
  16. HES Infra limited.
  17. Navayuga Engineering Co. Limited.
  18. L&T Limited.
  19. GKC Projects Pvt. Ltd.


We have successfully completed projects in wide variety of fields for various companies.

Some of the completed and on-going projects and infrastructure available with us are listed in the following pages.